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Door 74 First stop, Door Feijao This is not one of the Amsterdam bars that you want to miss out on. Vesper Last on our list of Amsterdam bars, but definitely not least, is Vesper. Free course guide. Get Your Course Guide. First name Please enter your first name.


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Last name Please enter your last name. Email Please enter your email. Phone number Please enter your phone number. Sometimes, when you meet one barkeeper, he or she tells you about new places you have never even heard of, that would be worth checking out. And so it came that…. A year ago, I discovered the cocktail scene in St. Petersburg and it has made a major leap forward and is now in the midst of all the big cities around….

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I have been to St. Petersburg a couple of times now and until a few years ago, there was not much going on in terms of cocktail bars. But all that…. I always wanted to visit the little sister of Tokyo and a few months ago I managed to fly to Seoul. The culinary world of Korea is rich and one would…. I planned a portrait with Wolfgang for quite a while since he is a good friend of mine but we had to wait since he made an unusual career step leaving…. Bartenders Portraits.

Konstantin Plesovskikh - Chainaya. Pisco, the spirit of Peru, is now thriving. The new book is organized into 12 chapters, each focusing on a different kind of spirits: January is sparkling cocktails; February is Rum for Carnival season and Valentine's cocktails; March is Irish coffee and "Saints" cocktails, etc. His grandmother's eggnog recipe is in the December chapter, a tribute to his family.

In June, all about New Orleans cocktails, is the Vieux Carre, a signature cocktail of the Carousel Bar invented in by Walter Bergeron, head bartender for a number of years. The drink honors ethnic groups who congregrated in the French Quarter at the time: Cognac for the French; rye whiskey for the Americans; sweet vermouth for the Italians and bitters for the islanders. Some of the recipes are of much more recent vintage, and several are Allen's own creation.

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One of his favorites is the French , a combination of pomegranate liqueur, pear liqueur and sparkling wine or champagne. He created it for a Tales of the Cocktail contest sponsored by a Champagne company. His London Fairy, developed for a Bombay Sapphire competition sponsored by a magazine, uses gin, absinthe, pineapple juice, lime juice and an egg white.

His grandmother, a wonderful cook, always made rum balls for Christmas. So I talked to my grandmother about it.

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She said, 'I made two mistakes. I got interrupted and I put in twice the amount of rum.


And the other mistake was, the only rum I could find that year was The first drink he ever tasted in a bar, ordered from him by a friend when he was 20 or so, was a Rusty Nail. And that I made great cocktails. A while back, I had somebody at the bar talking about Tales and cocktails and which ones I was making. Somebody came up and ordered white zinfandel. They asked, 'Does that upset you? Somebody who started on white zinfandel, maybe we'll get them to try pinot grigio.

People who drink Scotch, maybe they start out with a blend, and when they get their taste buds going, maybe graduate to one of the great single malts that's very smoky and peaty. If you start out with smoky and peaty, it's a lot. You might never touch Scotch again.

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