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Morrissey also published two literary magazines, "what is" and "The Montreal Journal of Poetics" Morrissey taught English literature at Champlain College from to Northrop Frye wrote, " Divisions I found extremely powerful, at once visionary and movingly personal.

Stephen Morrissey's writing has been influenced by two great thinkers of the twentieth century: J. He does not get in the way of the reader thoroughly enjoying his poetry. Stephen Morrissey has received writer's grants from the Canada Council for the Arts. Product description Guided by the Compass…to the Compelling Heart of Experience Compass is a vibrant collection of powerful and deeply personal poems, using elements in the natural world that parallel and illuminate the human condition. Product details Author Information Erik Hansen was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut in Erik is a poet, writer of fiction and an avid outdoorsman.

He currently lives and works in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Many author webpages include: ebook editions sample text audio excerpts and videos.

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