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He understands you.

God, Please Help Me: How to Seek God's Help | rasipotkepunk.gq

He waits for you to seek Him in prayer so He can guide, uplift, and comfort you. When you keep the commandments, God blesses you. But God does answer, and He gives assistance in many ways. A few of those ways are listed below. Problems may not disappear and their solutions may not be clear right away, but the peace of the Holy Ghost brings comfort and encouragement. The Spirit can also direct you in the decisions that you make. Even though they were written centuries ago, the truths found in scripture are eternal.

When people study them now, they marvel that certain verses seem to be written specifically for them and their situations. This is not coincidence.

God gives us scripture as instruction and direction in times of trial or uncertainty. You will find teachings that are incredibly personal and meaningful to you. When you pray, you bring concerns and questions to God—and when you study and ponder the scriptures, He brings answers to you.

Test the power of scripture study in your life. Request a free copy of the Bible or Book of Mormon.

God Chooses Us

Want to hear more examples of how God gives assistance? You can ask God for His help right now. Learn how to pray. Get a free copy of the Book of Mormon delivered by two missionaries who will share an uplifting message with you. We have sent you a confirmation link. Click the link to complete your request. God, Please Help Me. Who is God? How does God give you assistance? God is your Heavenly Father. God the Father loves you. God wants you to grow. God respects your freedom.

What God’s plan isn’t: My expectations of how my life “should” be

Exercise faith in God. Following God. The Holy Spirit. Answers in the Scriptures. Help from others.

Does God’s Will Include Choice?

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Please choose one of the following. We found a perfect match for your address. If that looks right to you, go ahead through the form! Edit Address. Moral choices are also a source of anxiety and question. These can be questions such as will I cheat on my test, should I lie to my boss, and the like. When we start choosing sin in these situations, we can fall down a slippery slope quick. Whatever type of decision we are facing, there is information in the Bible about how to make the right choice.

God understands that decisions, both big and small, can be overwhelming. Here are the ways God will help you make the right choice. One may wonder why humans are to make any choices at all. God gave us each a mind to think with reason in the hopes that we will follow His Will. Throughout the Bible, though, we see countless examples of God's children not making the right choices. For example, He gave Adam and Eve a choice to eat of all the trees in the Garden of Eden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil Genesis 3: , and He gave David the choice to kill Saul or to allow him to live 1 Samuel Why didn't God program us to always make choices that matched up to our faith?

The reason is because God honors our free will. He wanted to give us the opportunity to make the conscious choice to come to Him in our own way. In doing so, we understand the magnitude of how grand our faith is. He did not force us to love Him. Rather, He trusted that we would find Him and build a desire to make choices that honor Him.

While God gave us free will, that doesn't mean He won't help us make the right choices if we so ask.

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God has a grand plan for us, and with His council we can become our bests. Sit down and pray for God to give you guidance on a specific problem. Keep your ears and eyes open, and He will help guide you to your answer.

softwashinguk.gluestudio.co.uk/magasin-azithromycine-250mg-des-mdicaments.php When faced with a big choice, one way to weigh out the pros and cons of each option is by looking for relevant scripture. There is scripture about everything from work, friends, alcohol, marriage, finances and even our personal health. All of our choices should be in accordance to God's 10 Commandments and overall teachings. If they violate what God's written, then it's not the right choice to make. As we study the Bible, we should act on what we learn. God can work in mysterious ways, and that includes navigating His servants.

Pastors, church leadership, family and close friends may be able to give you guidance on a choice you are making.