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The campaign will remain active for the duration of the fire season, expected to last through November. A man carries a bucket of water as he tries to extinguish a fire on burned peatland near his house in Ogan Ilir district, South Sumatra. Ms Minnemeyer says the data collected from Tomnod will provide valuable evidence to document the location and extent of illegal fires, which are often lit to clear the land for palm oil or acacia plantations. Eka Sugiri, a spokesman for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Indonesia, confirmed satellite imagery as well as on-the-ground teams were used to identify hotspots and assist with police investigations.

But we use satellite imagery from various agencies for several purposes.

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Thick smoke from a peatland fire in the Ogan Ilir district in Palembang, Indonesia, earlier this month. Tomnod campaigns in Australia have included mapping rooftop solar panels to gauge the use of residential solar energy, identifying swimming pools to gain insight into the wealth of a community, and pinpointing buildings destroyed by the Sampson Flat bushfires in Adelaide early this year.

Data was then matched with reports from ground crews to see if any areas had been missed or were inaccessible.

Indonesian soldiers extinguish the fire on burned peatland and fields in Palembang earlier this month. But the key thing is the ease in which people can get involved and seem to do some good, knowing that somehow, it might make a change. Motorists ride on a road as thick haze from wildfires blankets the city of Pekanbaru, Riau province, Indonesia, earlier this month. Regnskogen lever opp til sitt namn. Nokre stader opp mot ti meter, like mykje som eit treetasjes hus.

Vassdampen blir til skyer, som igjen slepp vatnet til bakken som regn. Eit fullvaksent tre i regnskogen slepp ut liter vatn i form av damp for dagen. Mer enn Organisasjonens skogeskpert Erika Bjureby har selv jobbet i Indonesia. I Thailand er myndighetene bekymret for turistindustrien. Las definiciones de los hidrocarburos no convencionales difieren en cierta manera. Ambos han llegado a ser muy importantes en los mercados globales, ampliando la demanda y reduciendo los precios. En general, se han desarrollado dos tipos de estudios en torno a los impactos del fracking: medioambientales y sobre la salud.

Este tipo de estudios muestran bajos impactos, si es que alguno. Se han aprobado normas de este tipo en Colorado, California y Texas. La industria ha respondido persuadiendo a las asambleas legislativas de los estados en Colorado y Texas para impedir que las ciudades puedan aprobar tales ordenanzas. Debemos encontrar alternativas, y pronto.

Thomson Reuters , www. Indonesian activists hold portraits of nine convicted drug traffickers, eight of whom were executed Tuesday. Indonesia ignored last-minute pleas from activists and foreign governments and agreed to halt only one of the executions.

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Indonesian Attorney General Muhammad Prasety told a news conference that each of the eight had been executed on Wednesday by a member firing squad. They included two Australians, four Nigerians, a Brazilian and an Indonesian. Prasetyo earlier said Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso had been granted a stay of execution while the Philippines investigates her case. These executions are both cruel and unnecessary. But gunshots were heard about a.

Chan and Sukumaran were thought to be the ringleaders of the Bali 9, a group of Australian drug smugglers arrested in at an airport on the Indonesian island of Bali for trying to smuggle 8 kg of heroin into Australia. Brazil had asked for a stay of execution for Rodrigo Gularte, 42, on humanitarian grounds because he was schizophrenic.

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Brazilian Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira was one of six drug convicts, including foreigners, that Jakarta executed in January, brushing aside last-minute appeals from Brazil and the Netherlands. Brazil and the Netherlands withdrew their ambassadors from Jakarta in protest at those executions. But there was relief in Manila when it was announced that Veloso would not be executed with the others. I really thank God. The Lord has answered our prayers. There were cheers from the more than Veloso supporters who held a candlelight vigil outside the Indonesian embassy in Manila.

Marites Veloso, centre, talks with media after visiting her sister, whose execution was stayed Tuesday.

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Veloso, 30, was arrested in at the airport in the central Indonesian city of Yogyakarta, where officials discovered about 2. Prasetyo said Veloso was granted a stay of execution because her alleged boss has been arrested in the Philippines, and the authorities there requested Indonesian assistance in pursuing the case.

Goodenough, U. (1998). The Sacred Depths of Nature. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Espina said. Michael Chan, brother of Andrew Chan, who became a Christian pastor during his decade in prison and married an Indonesian woman on Monday, reacted with anger. The executions were carried out by firing squad, with 12 marksmen, three of whom had live ammunition. Ambulances carrying coffins arrived Tuesday at a prison island and relatives paid final visits to their condemned loved ones as Indonesia announced it would execute the eight foreigners and one Indonesian man on drug charges.

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An ambulance arrives from the prison island of Nusakambangan where the executions were carried out, in Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia. It was one of eight ambulances thought to be carrying the bodies of the dead. Eight ambulances carrying coffins were seen driving through the port city of Cilacap, where the prison island ferry lands, more than four hours after the reported executions.

They were thought to be carrying the bodies of the executed. Sukumaran and Chan requested that their bodies be flown back to Australia. Indonesian Zainal Abidin is to be buried in Cilacap. The wishes of two other Nigerians — Sylvester Obiekwe Nwolise and Okwudili Oyatanze — as well as those of Gularte, the Brazilian, have yet to be made public. The government says Atlaoui will face a firing squad alone if his appeal is rejected by the Administrative Court.

Large plastic items are thought to degrade into microplastic in the ocean, but evidence of this is scarce. More than 5 trillion plastic pieces, with a combined mass of more than , tonnes, are floating in the ocean, researchers reported on 10 December in PLoS ONE 1. A team led by Marcus Eriksen, research director at the Five Gyres Institute in Los Angeles, California, took samples with fine-mesh nets and visually counted pieces of trash on 24 expeditions through all five subtropical gyres — areas of rotating ocean currents where plastic collects — as well as coastal Australia, the Bay of Bengal and the Mediterranean Sea.

The team combined its observations with those from other ocean-sampling efforts, then fed the data into a model of ocean-plastic distribution to arrive at the estimate. The findings are on par with other recent estimates of ocean plastic.

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A study published in Environmental Science and Technology in April used data from 2, samples taken with fine mesh nets to estimate that there are 21, tonnes of floating microplastic particles smaller than 5 millimetres across in the Pacific Ocean 2. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science s in June concluded that the global ocean contains between 7, and 35, tonnes of floating plastic 3. But large items such as bottles, buoys and plastic bags would be expected to degrade into smaller and smaller pieces of floating trash.

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So where is all the microplastic? Others have proposed that the plastic is being washed ashore, that small particles are being fouled by bacteria and grime until they sink to the sea floor or that they are being eaten and incorporated into animal tissue and faeces — even that some bacteria are able to digest them. Thompson finds that last hypothesis unlikely. Some researchers have looked for plastic in remote places such as Arctic ice 4 and the deep sea floor.

Other studies have analysed seal 5 and sea lion faeces. But as of yet no substantial concentrations of microplastic have been found. This includes single-use items such as forks, takeaway containers and shopping bags.

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You know, I work hard on my research and I hope it has some impact, but sometimes I wonder: was it my choice to have my dressing on the side? Is that my legacy? More related stories. Show context Law, K. Natl Acad. USA , — I concede that it would have been a difficult task to dissuade Indonesia from this course by mid, and that a more principled policy may have led to some cooling in bilateral relations. But what Hogan offers us is bad history and an even worse ethics. Rather, bad ethical choices will cause more insecurity, for more people, and create lasting damage that future generations are forced to repair.

This is surely true of East Timor. How it reflects on Whitlam, readers can decide for themselves. The written record does not support this. I assure readers that the record does in fact confirm this. This is the first time in almost 30 years of study that I have heard such a claim, which is grossly misleading. The brief war was brutal and some crimes were certainly committed, leaving a bitter legacy with the Timorese Democratic Union UDT.