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You gotta roll with it. It was in Staten Island. It's this boy scout camp called Pouch Camp. Then I was like, Put it in the show. I was attempting to go out. I had big dreams of putting The Guy all the way in L. Then my producers were like, No. We were told we could spend one day outside of the city. Is it true? I'm insecure about it. Is that the truth? I don't know. I anticipate people being like, I don't need all of this. It would be interesting if he was the psychopath, some sort of serial killer.

We just went Dexter with it or something. Maybe that's a good ending to the series. I'll think about it. There's three episodes that are definitely like, And this is where The Guy is at.

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But we're interested in freeing ourselves from the weed delivery [premise]. We always had to incorporate the delivery in, but we wanted to tell some other stories that didn't involve somebody buying some weed. We wanted to make him a three-dimensional person so we could explore different scenarios. We had him get into a romantic scenario, because in my personal life, I had been going on a lot of dates and having new relationships with new significant others.

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We just didn't fight it. I definitely had reservations—it felt conventional and not as subversive as I would've liked. But that's just what happened. We just got our certificate of ruling of divorce in the mail like last month. I am in so much of a new groove with that person.

“High Maintenance”: An Anthology Show That Really Works | The New Yorker

It was interesting when I got the certificate. I was like, This is so cool. The gift of being able to spend a lot of time together through this community and this work structure that we've built. So many people don't get the opportunity to be close friends with their ex after they've been through something with them. I felt really pretty grateful about it. One bigger difference was we split up as a directing team. Sometimes we were Mommy and Daddy on an episode. But we each directed three episodes We were like, Let's help each other.


Let's make you look as best as you can be, and you make me look as best as I can be. Crave Originals. Emmy Nominated. Workplace Set. Dysfunctional Families. Music Docs. Reality TV. You Might Like. New Episode Weekly. Best of TIFF. Clint Eastwood.

Directed By Kubrick. Spider-Man Movies. Continue Watching. My List. Watch History. High Maintenance. When she eventually blows his secret, Max spirals into a meth bender that eventually lands him back in her arms. When she receives her comeuppance at the end, it feels like a blessing. Later, a final, heartbreaking exchange throws the entire story into sharp relief. In the weaker second half, Erin Christine Elmo , a multimedia dancer, works as a nanny for a Hollywood director whose wife recently died.

As Erin struggles to move on from the job, she learns that her casual hook-up, The Guy, has been seeing other women. Peery , a thrifty couple who rent out rooms in their apartment on Airbnb to pay the rent. Unfortunately, a host of inconsiderate and weird guests populate their place, stressing them out even more than before.

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‘High Maintenance’ Renewed For Season 4 By HBO

The One From the Perspective of a Dog. After moving to the big city from the suburban Midwest, Gatsby the dog played by the expressive and cute Bowdie experiences some difficulty adjusting to his new environment, until he develops a crush on his dog walker Beth Yael Stone. At least Gatsby gets a happy ending. Before The Guy leaves, the man mistakes The Guy for someone from his past and offers some encouraging words. After a few weeks of conspiracy theories and unfriendly living habits, Arthur begins to doubt the durability of their living arrangement. When Ayasha Hye Yun Park and her older partner, Doc Margaret Cho , add kinky financial bartering into their sex life, it reveals fissures in their relationship regarding age and financial security.

Meanwhile, two bored summer school teachers Jenn Harris and Micah Sherman start an affair only to miss out on a major financial opportunity while in bed together.

High Maintenance frequently pokes fun at or examines the cultural Zeitgeist, but any time a show tackles the internet or social media, it can devolve into hectoring even under the best of circumstances. The last story, about a middle-aged woman Alexandra Auder who attempts to match the record for longest individual dance competition, is inspired, especially when it moves from a kooky celebration to body horror in just ten minutes.

High Maintenance Season 4 Release Date

The Guy stands up for Lee to Jules, but also discovers the ways in which he and Lee are simply not simpatico. Sometimes the best chemistry takes a backseat to very messy baggage. Meanwhile, Colin Dan Stevens and Becky Katja Blichfeld are outsiders invited to an orgy under false pretenses, struggling to understand the group sex culture when a problem arises among the members.

Both stories take place in the same apartment building and eventually collide in an off-handed way.

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Comedian Hannibal Buress stars as himself as he struggles with PTSD after a stranger opens fire at a comedy club during his set. Sometimes High Maintenance breaks from its slice-of-life routine and moves in a more fantastical direction. The second half follows Darby Catherine Cohen , a performance artist with a proclivity for flashing strangers, who goes on a Missed Connections date and meets her provocateur match.