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That is the truth. That is where I am right now.

What Saving Faith Looks Like - Tim Conway | I'll Be Honest

But, Lord, Your Word says that You love me. Your love for me is one thing that stands when all else has fallen. At other times I have felt afraid or lonely or depressed. But instead I chose with my will to believe His Word.

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Even Christ had feelings. He was honest, real, authentic. We, too, have immeasurable freedom to be candid with the Lord about our feelings, to tell Him honestly where we are and what is going on in our lives.

I pray that You would conform me to the image of Christ. We want the result but not the painful process. The Lord is concerned about what we go through, but I believe He is more concerned about how we respond to what we go through.

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That response is a matter of our wills. He allows the trials, temptations, and pressures of life to come so that we have the opportunity to respond either by trusting our feelings and life experiences or by taking Him at His word. I have learned to get into the habit of taking God at His word—and now it is a habit!

You and I can either grow accustomed to listening to our feelings, thoughts, and circumstances, letting them control us, or we can be in the habit of taking God at His word despite our feelings and life experiences. We need to choose with our wills to believe that His Word is truer than our feelings. I have made a lifetime commitment to bank my life on the Word of God, and God has honored that commitment.

What Faith Looks Like

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What My Faith in God Looks Like

Gospel of John Bible Study. How to Talk about God. Faith Is Not a Feeling by startingwithGod. Understanding how to trust God… By Ney Bailey I poured myself a glass of ice-cold lemonade, sharpened a pencil, and pulled out my Bible, eager to begin my assignment. Defining faith As I read what Romans had to say about faith, I found myself asking, Faith is probably the most important thing in my life, but how do I define it? What does God say about His Word? Sometimes that choice has been difficult.

What about feelings? As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

What does Faith look Like?

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