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But it is Amy who really makes the book.

She is a wonderful character, a loner who is afraid to be alone. She found success as a writer at a young age, publishing 4 novels before losing her muse more than 20 years ago. Sometimes, late at night, in the dark, she laughs inappropriately. She may be a little embittered by how life has turned out for her, but her wicked sense of humour, and sharp observations of herself and others reveal her as someone acutely interested in life. Book addicts will find a kindred spirit in Amy. I envy her book shelves — unable to part with any of her books, and with little floor space, she has built a single shelf book height from the ceiling that snakes around all the walls in her house.

While The Writing Class is alive with humour, there is an underlying poignancy too. With its appealing characters, engaging plot and humour, The Writing Class is a delight to read. Labels: book review , writing. Tuesday, July 8, Three authors I couldn't live without. I've been tagged again by Karen over on AustCrime. I don't know how I can limit it to 3, but I'll give it my best shot. I'm spreading my choices around geographically.

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Ian Rankin. I've loved Rebus since forever, and now he's retired I'm looking forward to seeing what Rankin gets up to now. Jo Nesbo. Hopefully Rebus won't be jealous, but I've grown rather fond of Harry Hole. He may be a complete mess, but he's my kind of fictional guy. Nesbo is a brilliant writer Peter Temple. Wonderful wonderful writer. There we are, I did it, only three!! Published: Abacus, ISBN: When a young Argentinian writer with a looming deadline breaks his wrist, his editor suggests employing a typist to help him complete his work.

And so the young and pretty student, Luciana comes to work for the unnamed narrator of this very unusual story. Ten years later, he gets a phone call from a distraught Luciana asking for his help. Everyone close to her is dying in unusual circumstances and she is accusing Kloster of murdering them. She claims that Kloster is punishing her because she sued him for sexual harassment, which led to a devastating personal tragedy for him.

Luciana begs for his help to stop Kloster before the last two members of her family die. The reader, like the narrator swings between believing and disbelieving Luciana. Is she mad, paranoid or completely sane? Is Kloster totally innocent or an extremely clever killer? The line between fact and fiction became extremely blurred, and by the end it was really no clearer. The Book of Murder kept me reading, although ultimately I found it a little unsatisfying. The Book of Murder is his second novel.

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Monday, June 30, Ned Kelly Awards reading update. The Ned Kelly Awards long list was announced a while ago, and some of us have decided to try to read as many as we can before attending the award night at Melbourne Writers Festival in August. If you look at how many books are on the full list , you'll see that my efforts to date have been pretty pathetic, so I'm going to have to lift my game.

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Let's see how I go with the others Sunday, June 29, A couple of recent reads. I took a break from my review books and read a couple of books from my personal TBR pile.

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Andy Dalziel is still recovering from the bomb blast that put him in a coma for most of the previous book, The Death of Dalziel, and he checks into the Avalon Clinic in seaside Sandytown to continue his convalescence. Dalziel and Charley provide unwelcome assistance. This took me a little while to get into.

It wasn't until well past the page mark that it started to truly engage me. However from then on, it was fabulous, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Part of the attraction of the Cliff Hardy books is the location, they are very Sydney.

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I used to read Corris way back, but for some reason he slipped off my list of authors. I think that was at a time when I joined some crime related email lists, and started discovering so many new authors that some of the old ones fell by the wayside. Then a couple of months ago I picked a Cliff Hardy, my first in probably over 10 years, and found I still liked Cliff a lot.

Hardy may be beginning to feel his age, but Corris is certainly not showing his! Now back to that review pile Failed businessman and perennial loser, Ronnie Wilson is in New York on a last ditch mission to secure funding for his latest venture. A very very bad day has just opened up an undreamed of opportunity for Ronnie. Six years later, Abby Dawson has just returned home after some years in Australia.

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She has moved into a luxury flat in Brighton which she has fortified with steel reinforced doors, triple deadlocking, double safety chain, and she keeps pepper spray, a knife and baseball bat within easy reach. To say she is living in fear for her life is an understatement. At the same time, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is investigating the discovery of the skeleton of a woman found in an old stormwater drain unearthed during excavations for a new development.

She was apparently strangled. As this brilliantly complex tale moves between Brighton, New York and Melbourne, the threads binding these stories together become more and more tightly woven.

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James did not dwell overly on this part of the story, but there were several short intense chapters that brought back memories of those days we all spent watching the television in disbelief and horror. Grace and his team of officers are a wonderful mixed bag of personalities of the sort that could be found in almost any workplace. From the rather awful Norman Potting with his sexual innuendos and the exhausted new father Nick Nicholl, to Glenn Branson with his marital difficulties and the Malteser eating Bella Moy, James has created a very believable cast of secondary characters.

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Roy Grace is still haunted by the disappearance of his wife Sandy nine years ago, but he has moved on a little. And his relationship with the pathologist Cleo has become quite serious, although it is still threatened by the ever present ghost of Sandy. Labels: book review , crime fiction , Peter James , Roy Grace. Kerr has just been released from prison after serving eight years for his part in an armed robbery.

Kerr, who has always protested his innocence, has found God while in prison. A young girl, Karen Doherty, is found brutally murdered in a nearly finished house on a new development. She had been on a hen night at a local nightclub, and was last seen getting into a car after being thrown out of the club for being drunk. However, her blood showed the presence of the date-rape drug, GBL. When a break-in at the local pharmacy, another attempted rape and more murders follow, Devlin has to work out how these apparently unrelated crimes are connected and what they have to do with the old armed robbery case of which Kerr had been convicted.

The investigation takes Devlin into the world of bodybuilding, steroid abuse and its affects. At the same time a possible case of police corruption, old rivalries and the arrival of a team from NCIB to take over the murder investigation, make the atmosphere at the police station volatile. There is a lot going on in this book, but the complex plot elements all come together superbly and in a way that still surprised me. Set in the town of Letterkenny, Donegal on the border between the North and South of Ireland, Gallows Lane has a strong sense of place that goes beyond the geographical and includes the historical and political background of the location.

The police need to cooperate with each other across the borders is sometimes undermined by the political remnants of the old conflict. Devlin is a different kind of character than most fictional police protagonists. He has a happy marriage and a young family he adores. Devlin is all too human - he makes mistakes, and is tempted to bend the rules, both in his work and his relationships. Gallows Lane is a terrific book, combining an intricate and satisfying plot with wonderful characters, and I look forward to reading more about Devlin.

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  4. Charlie Feldman wakes up aching all over, with a large painful bump on his forehead, and his blood spattered clothes on the floor. When he turns on the tv, he learns two women he was with the night before have been brutally murdered.