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The film is schlock.

The documentary, well done but overly long, is framed around extensive prison interviews with Bundy conducted by author and journalist Stephen Michaud. Like Bundy, Michaud was born in Burlington, Vt. Michaud was two years younger and they never met, but they had mutual friends in Tacoma. Both attended law school.

DNA, used napkin lead police to suspect in Tacoma girl’s 1986 killing

Michaud left those studies for an entry-level job at Newsweek, where his mentor was investigative journalist Hugh Aynesworth. Michaud was assigned to assist Aynesworth on an in-depth article about Dean Corll, who abducted and murdered at least 28 teenage boys and young men in Houston, Texas, between and Corll was dubbed "The Candy Man" because he worked at his family's candy store in Houston. A teenage accomplice, Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. Aynesworth sent Michaud to observe recovery of the bodies of Corll's victims. That was Michaud's introduction to the phenomenon of serial killers, a term that hadn't been coined at that point.

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Years later, Michaud's literary agent, Kathy Robbins, called to inform him that Bundy was looking for an author to write his story. Aynesworth agreed to collaborate. Michaud was 31 years old when he conducted his first of nearly hours of taped interviews with Bundy at Florida State Prison in Michaud gained access by getting a private investigator's license and telling prison officials he was an investigator working on Bundy's appeals case. He was actually working on a book. Both books are still in print. Now 71, Michaud was co-executive producer and a primary source for Berlinger's Netflix documentary.

He has spent four decades trying to get inside Bundy's psyche while also "trying to put Ted in my rear-view mirror" as he put it. Michaud and Aynesworth quickly determined that Bundy was a manipulative, conniving sociopath, and clearly guilty of the murders. The year was and Lindsey Wade, 11, already knew about fear, evil and bad people. It had happened to Michella Welch, 12, first.

She was taken in broad daylight while riding her bike near Puget Park, a small park on the north end of Tacoma, Washington. Search dogs found Michella that night. She had been sexually assaulted and murdered. Five months later, Jennifer Bastian, 13, was riding her bike at Point Defiance Park, just a few miles away. Hundreds of people searched. Three weeks later, they found her body hidden in the underbrush, with her bicycle nearby.

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Gene Miller was a patrol officer back then with the Tacoma Police Department. It's a painful thing as a parent. Police followed hundreds of leads, but no arrest was made.

Detectives continued to search for the killer, but the case went cold. I wanted to catch people like him. Gene Miller did, too.

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Another decades-old Tacoma murder solved? Suspected killer of 12-year-old Michella Welch arrested

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