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I have learned so much from these sewing tips you have given us. I have taken lots of online courses that I could refer to but yours are the best and easiest to find when I am in a hurry sewing doll clothes. I am working on making a placket on the back of the Liberty Jane baseball skirt.

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My daughter hates Velcro so I am going to put snaps on hers. Thanks for your tips.

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You are wonderful. This was the most comprehensive explanation I have found Simple and clear, especially with the illustrations. This was my 3rd site looking for the penny to drop.

How to Make a Half Skirt from Fabric Triangles

The instructions are precise and easy to follow. I am finally successful in making a continuous lap placket that looks the way it should look! Thanks also for telling us about printfriendly. Glad this was helpful! You click on things you want to leave out, then it makes a PDF for you to download.

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I enjoyed the instruction of continuous lap placket. Wish there was a way to know load it so I could have to go by when I am making one. I think its great that you can explain the techniques. As a beginner to making doll clothes it has been very helpful. Thank you.

I just love how you describe with pictures how to do a technique. As an experienced seamstress and designer,I smile because I know how challenging some techniques can be for the new seamstress. Thank you for, being encouraging to newbees! This was the toughest part of the Button Up Shirt pattern. The tips will help me get a better finish next time. Many peoples would benefit from a tutorial on welt pockets, etc. Continuous Lap Placket Ever wonder how to finish the edge of a slit, like the ones in a sleeve just above a cuff? Press the placket fabric up, away from the fashion fabric, and fold it over the raw edge.

Free Downloadable Sewing Patterns:

For Pixie Faire, Melinda. Diane September 14, Best tutorial on internet for doing this. Tari June 26, I almost always mess these up!! Pat Angell June 17, This is just what I have been looking for. Sharron June 14, Thank You!

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Pixie Strip Skirt - Sewing Pattern

Lorraine April 06, Thank god for the internet! The Simplicity pattern I had was no help figuring this out! Arie February 14, Glad I stumbled upon this, Thank you! Hope February 09, Interesting…. Linda November 16, Ya know what?! Janice June 06, To Linda R. Barbara May 21, This was the most comprehensive explanation I have found Simple and clear, especially with the illustrations.

Nancy December 19, This was my 3rd site looking for the penny to drop. Betty September 12, The instructions are precise and easy to follow. Melinda August 04, Glad this was helpful! Marian, love your idea of doing a welt pocket tutorial! You can do a double fold hem, or whatever hem it is that you like. Finish your seams. Hem the bottom. Now, you have both the top and the bottom layer done! Now, turn your attention to the waistband. Sew the short sides of the two strips right sides together.

The seams will be hidden inside the waistband of the skirt, so you can skip the finishing. I just serge mine, since it will be on the inside of the skirt. You can zig-zag over the edge if you prefer, or just do a single fold hem, since the unfinished edge will get enclosed in the waistband. For the tie, I like to place a buttonhole on my waistband. It seems easiest.

Refashion DIY: Men’s Button Up Shirt to Belted Skirt – 5 Feet of Style

Some people like to leave a portion of their waistband seam open, but I always mess that up somehow. A buttonhole near the side seam, toward the bottom of the waistband works out perfectly for me. You can do the button hole horizontal, instead or vertical, but the placement is a bit more tricky that way. Putting the under skirt and the overskirt together now. With the wrong side of the over skirt facing the right side of the under skirt, align the tops of the skirts, matching the side seams.

Step 1: More Is More

Baste around the top of the two skirts. Basting is sewing a straight line with the longest stitch setting. Here is why it was important to baste closer to the edge than you normally sew. Press the waistband up.

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Believe me, this step will help the next go smoothly. Fold the waistband over and sew down. I line up the top line with the sewn line on the skirt. No one will really see it. Just one side. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to use. Press the seam open. Fold the strip in half and press.

Step 2: Wash All the Things!

See the picture for the correct version of half. Fold one edge toward the center and press.