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Michael W. Garrett M. Brink, O. Evans — Historia or Exegesis? Martinez, S. Bosworth — Does Lamentations Help? Cook, S.

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Harrington, S. Miller — All Because of a Woman? Reid, O. Stegman, S. Jerome T. Williamson — Scripture across the Curriculum John T. Ezeogu, C. Willis — Did David Have "Rest"? Timothy A. Dennis Hamm, S. Thomas D. Benedict T. Viviano, O. Bosworth — Do Biblical Characters Develop? Thomas L. Burke, Jr. Karris, O. Bonaventure's Commentary on the Gospel of St. Smith — Lost in Translation?

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Stephen M. Jolivet, Jr. Kurz, S. Miller, S. Ryan, O. Peter S. Colleen M. Di Lella, O. Robert Jr. Mowery — What has God Done Recently? O'Toole, S. Ridgway, S. John J. His reluctance is justified a page or two later when Su instinctively invites the Fairy Prince into the building as he comes looking for the piper, giving him access to the premises with a formal Gaelic welcome as if in unconscious acknowledgment of their affinity as fellow members of the governing elite p.

Moreover, for Winkie the difference between the Brounie, which gives its supernatural assistance to anyone who needs it regardless of class, and the Fairy Prince, who expects unquestioning compliance from his social inferiors, is fundamentally a class difference. This class difference is present, too, in the different level of understanding of the fairies possessed by the travelling folk, the tinkers, as compared to the local working-class people like Winkie, who despise the traveller community.

The young tinker Ian Townsley can play a tune on the pipes which makes the Fairy Prince disappear from the Big House kitchen in the first act of the narrative; while in the third and final act Su and Winkie get help from tinkers when they find themselves stranded on the road between past, present and future. Second World War Mine in Carradale. Running alongside the other narratives in the novel — the stories of the class struggle and of the struggle between Christianity and paganism — runs the narrative of the recently ended global conflict. The impact of the War is felt everywhere in the novel, most deeply, perhaps, in the changes that have taken place in the Big House of the title.