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Tested on Plasma Wayland. There are only issues with Easy Anti Cheat to play online. Distro: Arch Linux. RAM: 32 GB.

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GPU Driver: 4. Kernel: 4. Anticheat doesn't work. It was working prior to the update. Distro: Pop! Distro: Linux Mint EAC is still an issue preventing you joining any server with EAC enabled which, when tested, was all of them. Distro: Linux. CPU: Intel Core i 3.

The splash screen appears but the main game is black and in windowed and crashes after 1 or 2 minutes. There is also no sound. This game used to work just fine until EAC borked it! RAM: 12 GB. EAC got an update and thus this game now no longer works. Distro: Ubuntu Distro: SparkyLinux 5. EAC problem - always kicked out of the server with authentication error message.

RAM: 8 GB. The obvious problem is EAC. You can't play on any server with it. There are a few other issues though.

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When I do play, the framerate makes the game nearly unplayable. The average framerate is bad enough, but sometimes there are severe dips. The other thing is that you need to click on the rising storm window when it launches. If you are focusing on another window, it will launch as a black screen.

Distro: Solus. Game used to work perfectly fine with some performance hiccups but now it's unplayable thanks to EAC. EasyAntiCheat received an update breaking Proton support for this game.

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It's really unfortunate because it worked great before. Ran well and the only graphical issue was that player shadows didn't render, but EAC doesn't work so it kicks you out within a minute of joining a server. This new version regressed and has been notified to Valve.

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This should be fixed in later update. The game is unplayable again, throwing an authentication error after playing more than one minute online. This leads me to believe that the sudden possibility of playing online was due to EAC not properly working under wine, which is "fixed" now. Distro: openSUSE.

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Game is pretty much perfect but does have a significant decrease in performance compared to on Windows. You will most likely have to turn down the graphics options for acceptable performance. Had to disable instanced rendering in graphics settings to get rid of that weird fps cap on Hue City. Runs perfectly OOTB. Multiplayer works with all servers.

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Performs way worse than Windows. Needs to disable Instanced Rendering in video settings to have better performance. Cranking up video settings did not negatively impact the FPS, on the contrary game started with lowest setting on first launch with bad FPS, cranking up settings and disabling framerate limits increased performances.

Setting shadows to low or medium recommended to gain FPS. By further browsing you consent to such use. From the Archives :. Revisit the Past Experience story-driven co-op missions from pivotal moments in Overwatch history with Overwatch Archives. Location: Havana A bustling Caribbean metropolis and a base of operations for the sinister terrorist organization Talon. Log In to see your unlocked items. Skins Emotes Intros.

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Skins 27 New. Archives Loot Boxes are also available to purchase throughout the event.

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