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San felipe Fishing Activities

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Options goes from high end Luxurious Vacation Rentals , to camping on the beach… yeah, it is one of the most favorite lodging options. As many of the Attractions in Baja , the beaches are the ones that attract most of the people, there are some nice places to take the sun. And enjoy of a nice day by the beach, just resting or doing all kind of activities that are so popular in the area. Basically it is located in the desert, with lot of space and places to come and go and feel a little like the old west riding a Horse under the Mexican Baja Sun, so Horseback riding is one of the top choices to enjoy your break, mostly in a cool nice afternoon.

There will be a great choice just to take some days off down the border, like an old time adventure seeker. There are companies that offer services, specially transportation, from Car Rentals, ways to to move you around while in the location.

Things To Do in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

Local specialists, like professional medical services in case you need then, to Banks and local city office to aid you in case need it, like insurance, Banks, etc. You never know, it is a short ride from the border, but there is always important to have a fast first response to everything. You will find where is settled on a beach in the state of Baja California right in the Gulf of California and the Sea of Cortez just like two hours driving south of the US border at the Mexicali crossing line.

This long time favourite for Holidays, Memorial Day and Spring Break due to one of the tourist town in the Baja with nice and calm sandy beaches n a relaxed town. Here we have a selection of what you may be interested in, Click in the one you are interested to read it in detail. A great way of accommodation, which besides including a great place to stay, also you could have a delicious breakfast included in the rate.

Traditionally Bed and Breakfast lodges, are small and intimate places, where you can have a much personalized attention.


Casa 3 niveles muy comoda. Aseo general interiores y exteriores antes de recibir cada huesped. Aseo permanante de alberca, BBQ Y asador. Playas de San Felipe es una fraccionamiento moderno, limpio , ordenado y pacifico. Cuenta con buena vigilancia policiaca y todos los servicios publicos operan perfectamente.

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La casa tiene una amplia vista hacia el mar y a lo lejos el poblado de San felipe y el malecon. Tiene una amplia playa casi privada enfrente pero hay que caminar 10 minutos para llegar debido a que no hay camino directo.