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The Lara Family: Crown and Nobility in Medieval Spain (Harvard Historical Studies)

Garrison, Mary. Education for an identity from Pippin to Charlemagne. Godman, Peter. Poets and Emperors. Frankish Politics and Carolingian Poetry. Grant, Lindy. Maxwell, — Iafrate, Allegra. Jackson, Richard A.

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Laudes Regiae. Berkeley, Calif.

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Laying the Foundations for a Spanish Renaissance: Late Medieval Politics and Government

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History and Painting in the Psalter of Saint Louis. David rex et Propheta. Nuremberg: Hans Carl, Tate, William Carroll. Solomonic iconography in early Stuart England. Lewiston, N. Torijano, Pablo A. Solomon the Esoteric King. From King to Magus, Development of a Tradition. Tougher, Shaun.

The Almoravids and the Battle of Sagrajas, 1086 - Medieval Spain Documentary

Weiss, Daniel H. Art and Crusade in the Age of Saint Louis. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania University Press, Wormald, Francis. Zweig, Benjamin. Anna Duch: Chasing St. The reign of Alfonso X, known as the Wise , was of the greatest importance to all the kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula. Even leaving aside aspects of territorial definition executed in his time, and the abundant evidences about his high cultural background, or even of his political ambition, we just have to focus on the legislative plan, to conclude that this was an unusual reign for the thirteenth century.

The three legal compilations assigned to the labor of jurists of his reign had the goal of unifying the old Leonese laws with Castilian customs, creating conditions for their adaptation in the newly conquered lands. Based on them we would like to establish how, in the Western Iberian Peninsula, regal power was a concept that did not involve the king alone or his counsellors, but his all family and servers had a proper role that is still noticeable until at least the 15th century. With two other colleagues she coordinated a series of biographies of the Portuguese Queens of Portugal and wrote the biography of Philippa of Lancaster, queen of Portugal.

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(PDF) Reseña de Juan Ignacio Molina de Charles Ronan | Luis Fernando Restrepo -

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