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As a result, users obtain financial statements in which the value of assets is not in line with their actual appraised value. Russian companies prepare reporting for their foreign owners, and often such reporting is used for consolidation abroad.

Company owners need to know whether the financial statements prepared by a Russian company according to Russian accounting standards can be used for consolidation. They also need to know what adjustments should be made so that such financial statements meet group requirements. With an understanding of the activities performed by the Russian company and of its balance sheet structure, we can answer this question after conducting an analysis of the group accounting policy.

Russian accounting rules provide enough accounting options so that companies are able to choose an option not only suitable for them, but also in line with their group accounting policy.

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We offer services for preparation of financial statements according to IFRS or other standards applied by international groups of companies. In addition to converting reporting, we also assist in adapting the accounting policies of Russian companies so that they meet the accounting practices used by foreign business founders as much as possible.


If you would like to find out more about our reporting conversion services, please feel free to contact us. Accounting services Accounting outsourcing Accounting recovery International group reporting. Accountor media Articles News. Our companies.

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The Russia Balance Sheet

Breadcrumb Home. Conversion of Russian reporting into group reporting standards. What accounting standards are applied in Russia? Who is required to apply IFRS? Example 1 One of the key differences between IFRS and Russian accounting practices is the priority of content over form: The legal form of a transaction is sometimes more important for Russian accountants than its economic content.


Example 2 Another important difference is how assets are evaluated. In spite of tensions caused by White House policies under President Donald Trump, who continuous to pressure the European allies to increase defense spending, bringing many questions concerning the future of Transatlantic relations, it seems that the summit — at least in military dimension — achieved its goals and the processes related to NATO adaptation are moving ahead.

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The US and its allies are facing growing political, economic, and military competitions around the world. Two revisionist states, China and Russia, are challenging US prosperity and superiority as well as the liberal international order.

The NSS also pointed out that strong relationships with allies are invaluable in order for the US to magnify its power and respond to the growing political, economic, and military competitions. Conversely, it is necessary to examine areas in which each ally may be underperforming and could contribute more to the allied defenses. Previous Next. View Larger Image.