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Slovo The Unfinished Autobiography of ANC leader Joe Slovo

McCullers, one of the most gifted writers of her generation—the author of Member of the Wedding, Reflections in a Golden Eye, and The Ballad of Sad Cafe —died of a stroke at the age of fifty before finishing this, her last manuscript. Editor Carlos L.

Strive to be fair: An unfinished autobiography

Dews has faithfully brought her story back to life, complete with never-before-published letters between McCullers and her husband Reeves, and an outline of her most famous novel, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Looking back over her life from a precocious childhood in Georgia to her painful decline from a series of crippling strokes, McCullers offers poignant and unabashed remembrances of her early writing success, her family attachments, a troubled marriage to a failed writer, and friendships with literary and film luminaries Gypsy Rose Lee, Richard Wright, Isak Dinesen, John Huston, Marilyn Monroe , and the intense relationships of the important women in her life.

Carlos L. His open-boat journeys involved no less than 6, miles along the shores of Hudson Bay and along the Arctic coast. Even after his retirement, he surveyed telephone line routes in the north, as well as across the Faeroes and Iceland. He even guided a few hunting trips, published widely in academic journals, and had places, admittedly mostly remote, named after him.

His work was of great importance, yet he has remained in the background until recently. The boat journeys were undertaken in leaky Company craft built of unseasoned wood, sometimes caulked with a mixture of grease and powdered charcoal. Portages around rapids were routine.

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When the wind blew hard offshore, the boats scudded along under close reefed sails. Other days, they confronted fog and heavy rain. At the same time, the crews lived off the land.

This monumental volume is a tribute to a truly remarkable arctic traveler and voyager, whose achievements leave one breathless with admiration. In a way, this page book is a true page-turner, largely because Rae writes so humbly about his extraordinary journeys and carries you with him.


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You may stay up all night reading! He is a long-time cruising sailor and author of the Cruising Guide to Central and Southern California. Complimentary monthly supplement.

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