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Despite all the odds, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University. Their poetry had a profound impact on him. I even went to college. On September 11, we will remember all those we have lost on that ill-fated day when a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City turned the world-famous landmark into rubble. I was living in Brazil when the tragedy occurred, sending a tsunami across the world. More than ninety other nations also lost loved ones that day, including three Brazilian-Americans and twenty-six Guyanese-Americans.

Their American Dream had been suddenly cut short. Within a year and a half, unable to cope with the disciplined lifestyle, he returned home. His studies exposed him to theology, philosophy, and Classical literature which demanded a knowledge of Latin and Greek.

Passionate about language, he became an autodidact polyglot fluent in six foreign languages. Before the realization that poetry was his life, Paulo abandoned his undergraduate studies in literature and law after just a year, taught history and creative writing for a while, and later applied his writing skills as a journalist and advertising editor. Cheddi Jagan , Forbes Burnham , Fr. Following the suspension of the British Guiana Constitution in , the poet-politician composed the poems in this collection during his three-month detention, together with other political leaders, by the British Army.

Indentured laborers began arriving from India in and continued until Other immigrant workers came from Portuguese Madeira and China The population of the colony in the mids was about , people UN estimate.

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Born in in Georgetown, the capital of then British Guiana, to middle class parents of African, Indian, and European ancestry, the young Martin grows up with an appreciation for literature, poetry, and philosophy. Aware of the oppression and despair of the sugarcane workers who toil under harsh conditions on the British-owned sugar plantations, Carter joins the political struggle for self-governance. I will not still my voice!

I have too much to claim — […] you must know I do not sleep to dream but dream to change the world. Born in , he is the son of Palestinian refugees who fled Palestine during the Nakba of when the state of Israel was established. In this collection, he not only addresses the Israel-Palestine conflict, but also examines racism in America, police brutality, US militarism at home and wars abroad, Islamophobia, and more.

Kanazi grew up in a small, predominantly white town in Western Massachusetts where he assimilated American customs. During his teenage years, he learned more about Palestine, but, as the only Arab family in town, he avoided contentious debate. After Kanazi attended his first Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, in , he was inspired to begin writing spoken word poetry. Based on his own receptivity, he realized the potential of using this medium to share his political thoughts with the young generation.

Her discovery, at the age of fifteen, that she was gay made it difficult for her to fit in with her peers. Bullies found her an easy target.

After six months of washing dishes and cleaning restrooms, she returned to her family home. Opting to study journalism at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Freitas moved to the capital, Porto Alegre, where she remained after graduation. There, she could be invisible.

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I had a girlfriend with super powers of invisibility and when I walked beside her I was also invisible. After four years of suffering to write with the rhythm of a daily newspapers, she left them for a slower paced work schedule at a telecommunications magazine. What she desired above all was to write poetry. Her life changed on a Saturday in when, during a period of depression, she decided to attend a poetry workshop conducted by Carlito Azevedo, a poet from Rio de Janeiro.

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Two years later, under his mentorship, she published her first collection of poetry. That same year, she moved to Argentina where she lived for two years with her girlfriend. For the first time, she became part of a feminist group.

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Living among them made her question her own condition as a woman. On her return to Brazil, she moved back to her hometown to work full-time as a poet and writer. Lucian poet Kendel Hippolyte. Born in the Eastern Caribbean Island of St.

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His latest book, redactor , was shortlisted for two premier's literary awards. Harriet McInerney is a Sydney-based writer. She is currently writing about the weather. Isabelle Li is a Chinese Australian writer and translator. Katy Warner is a writer of plays and stories. Her debut novel will be published in Laura Steiner is a writer and performer from Colombia, currently based in London. He is a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong. Matthew Hall is a lecturer and writer living in Melbourne. Melinda Bufton is a poet who prefers things voluminous. She lives in Brisbane. Misbah Wolf is a multi-dimensional being. Her first highly acclaimed book Rooftops in Karachi came out Pascalle Burton is a poet, artist and performer with an interest in conceptual art and cultural theory.

Samuel Rutter is a writer and translator from Melbourne, currently at large in Nashville, Tennessee.

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He is currently studying at the University of Canberra, where he also tutors and lectures in Creative Writing. Shastra Deo was born in Fiji and lives in Brisbane. Tanya Vavilova is an emerging writer preoccupied with liminal spaces and outsider perspectives. Her debut collection of essays, We are Speaking in Code , is forthcoming from Brio in Tom Doig is a journalist and travel writer.

He teaches at The University of Melbourne. Thrift Contributors Duncan Hose is a poet, painter and apprentice thief. Leonie Brialey is a cartoonist and sometimes academic and amateur ceramicist. Her most recent work, about a ghost calling a psychic hotline, is out with Glom Press. Melissa Howard is a freelance writer and PhD candidate. Gerard Elson is a bookseller and the former interviews editor at Kill Your Darlings.

He is currently working on his first book for Echo Publishing.