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Paul received a certificate attesting to what everyone already knew -- he was a happy, cheerful, kind child Sadly and unexpectedly, that life ended at only age Paul, who had just become an ICU nurse in Pittsburgh, mysteriously disappeared one cold winter night in December Authorities surmise that for some unknown reason he went into the degree waters of the Monongahela River not far from his apartment.

Then, authorities believe, his body floated into the Ohio, and traveled some 85 miles downriver until it was recovered. More than three months had passed. At the funeral service, his teacher, Mrs.


Bean, joined others to mourn the mysterious end of a well lived life Paul was last seen early Tuesday in his South Side apartment. His roommates say they left to get something to eat around 2 a. But I just thought of my brother, and I know if he and I were reversed, that Paul would go and go and go. Sadly, the Kochus have recently had to endure the passing of their youngest child Paul. The O and J Roberts Community shares in their sadness and grieves with them. Fuoco, an enterprise reporter at the Post-Gazette. They had been drinking with friends One theory claims a serial killer -- or killers -- is to blame.

Steve Piskai, a friend and baseball teammate from middle and high school, is among them: He was definitely a friendly person, had a great smile. Definitely someone you could trust, he would be there for you. He would do anything you would like.

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He basically was just a good friend to laugh with, usually down to hang out with you. I think he got a lot of pleasure from just being around other people and doing what made them happy. It was more like he was a good friend …and you kinda wanted to work hard to impress him and gain his admiration since he was such a hard worker. Jack smiles at the image of his two boys covered in mud.

He pauses. His face grows somber and he puts the photo back on the table with others of Paul, George and their oldest child, daughter Jess.

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The living room is full of warmth and hope and pride. There are trophies and innumerable baseballs, too many photographs to count, awards and ribbons and other achievements. Jack, a pharmacist, and Ellen, who worked as a township clerk until they were beset by tragedy, are warm and welcoming. But their grief is as unmistakable as it is understandable. They alternate between smiles and tears at their memories of Paul. The couple raised their kids in this house in Bucktown, a rural village of 2, in South Coventry Township. Paul was a good student and a good baseball player, a left fielder. And when he was 16, he began to think that he wanted to be a nurse.

His parents feel this stems from his compassion for his brother, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when Paul was 7. Also, Paul dated a girl in high school whose sister was very, very ill and Paul became close to her. And, Ellen added, Paul has three aunts -- her sisters -- who are nurses. I spoke with him by phone but the recording is not of high quality. You would never have thought something like this would happen to him.

He was always very selfless, always very concerned with others and how they were doing. He was just special. He was outstanding, he worked hard to get everything he got They just wanted to have a few drinks, a few laughs, and watch some football in a bar on the South Side.

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Once a steel mill town hard by the Monongahela River, the South Side has been transformed into an entertainment and residential mecca for young people. Numerous bars and trendy restaurants line the main drag. Paul and his three roommates lived right off of it. All of them had recently graduated from the nursing program at Duquesne University. Paul was excited because he was nearing the end of his day probationary period as an ICU nurse at Allegheny General Hospital. Adding to his upbeat mood were plans to soon travel across state to visit his family for the holidays.

There they met two others. He left before the game ended with the Saints defeating the Bears, The roommates told police Paul texted them, saying he had cut his hand and needed their help. They went to the apartment. The roommate while sweeping up the glass kind of shouldered him. And Mr.

Kochu fell over. There was a dent in the wall that was captured by processing the scene. Kochu became upset, started to cry, they made up but then Mr. Kochu went back to his combative state again, which led the two roommates to leave the house and get something to eat in the North Hills. Everything rolled off his back. He was a good boy.

Later, another camera near their apartment shows them returning shortly after a. Only the next day did they realize he was gone along with his wallet, cell phone and keys. His white Volvo was still parked on the street. The three roommates either declined to be interviewed for this podcast or did not return repeated phone calls seeking their input.

Ellen and Jack were mystified Wednesday morning I spoke with Detective Abraham. He was very curt, very nasty. I have no respect for him at all. FUOCO: Detective Abraham said that in many missing person cases, adults feel a need to get away and voluntarily go missing without telling anyone. Those cases are usually resolved within days when the missing person returns or is located.

Between Two Mysteries

He came home crying when he was in grade school saying he got in the lowest swimming class. I was very worried because he never acted like that. The phone call was frightening and surreal.

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  7. And I was kind of alarmed because I think in all my experience with Paul his phone never went to voicemail because he was a true millennial. I was hoping she was so agitated and confused and that it was nothing to be alarmed about, and when my dad got on and confirmed that yes nobody had heard from him and he was missing, I was absolutely flabbergasted.

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    I don't remember if my heart jumped into my throat as they say because I was still in a shock mode, but i remember being in disbelief. And I spent the whole rest of the night thinking the same thing. How old is he? This is just what year-olds do. Jess got on a jet in Los Angeles. It was, she says, the worst plane ride of her life. There were increasingly frustrating meetings with Pittsburgh missing person detectives. Police, but mostly family, friends and volunteers, searched land and water. Sometimes, tracking dogs were used. And even psychics were consulted. As they first searched for clues, the reality set in for Jess. We did like a little mini search. Even times … you want to find something.. The second black-and-white video shows a man believed to be Paul. He holds it with his other hand close to his body. His mother said the way he was walking looked like he had other injuries.

    His gait, the way he was crouched over, the fact there obviously had been an altercation previously, and the idea what did that result in, could that have been a contributing factor to an accident, could weaken somebody to make them disoriented where they would actually fall into the water? Just looking at the video, he definitely was not doing well, he was in some type of physical distress.