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Homeschooling families often take trips to the zoo, the symphony, the planetarium, a botanical garden, or a local historical site to get out of the house and make learning more hands-on.


However, the cost of these trips can really add up. Many homeschooling families spend a couple hundred dollars per year on field trips. Also, keep in mind that many companies and community organizations offer free tours that can be very educational. For example, you could tour the local post office or police station, the water treatment facility, or visit a local factory to see how a product is made from start to finish.

Depending on where you live, you might also be able to join a local homeschooling co-op or group. These consist of local families who get together weekly or monthly to share teaching duties, build friendships, and take field trips together.

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Also, these groups may hold swaps where parents bring their learning materials and books to share or sell to other members. One of the challenges of homeschooling is that kids can feel very isolated. Signing them up for extracurricular activities is important. Kids want and need to socialize with others and learn how to work as a team.

First, check your local community calendar.

Homeschooling and School Safety

You can often find inexpensive classes at community and recreation centers. Many libraries also offer free or inexpensive classes, such as art or bookbinding, which might be of interest to your children. Your local parks and recreation department might offer animal rehabilitation classes, youth sports, or volunteer opportunities.

Also check your local YMCA, which regularly offers classes and team opportunities. Keep in mind that extracurricular activities can quickly overwhelm your family time and lead to an overscheduled child , which is something many homeschooling families try to avoid. As you might imagine, homeschooling requires a stay-at-home parent. The loss of income is a huge consideration when deciding to homeschool.

Before we started homeschooling, I invested an enormous amount of time researching different curricula to find one that fit our family. I spent hours reading about different learning approaches, and it took a long time to make a decision. What are your thoughts on homeschooling? Are you considering it?

If you already homeschool, what tips can you offer other families to get started and save money? All Rights Reserved. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers. Recent Stories.

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Read more. Advertiser Disclosure X Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. Heather Levin. Views Share This Article. Just when you get into a routine and are building a little momentum, everything changes! Homeschooling truly is like aiming at a moving target. This workshop is a must for all new homeschoolers…or for those wishing they could call a do-over! In this fun, encouraging, and upbeat workshop, Angela covers all of the major areas that she wishes she had known before starting her homeschooling journey twenty years ago.

Come get the skinny on making your first year or your re-start year the best homeschool year ever.

Mealtime Madness

The importance of teaching our kids to de-stress in this overstimulating world is so extremely important. This is an all-new workshop, which addresses both the spiritual battle being waged on our children and the physical effects of the technological age we live in. In this workshop, Angela pulls from her training as a child development specialist to address how stress leads to anxiety, which if not addressed, turns into depression.

Come and learn about how we can take practical steps in learning how to deal with it ourselves so we can equip our children. For a full description of the three-session series, please read this. This is the condensed version of the three-session series described in the link above. In this shorter 45 minute session, Angela outlines an overview of Biblical parenting and goal setting, the three unbreakable rules of parenting, and the two God-given tools that can always be used to produce a secure base for our families.

This session will end with a time of prayer in which several of the fathers who are present will be asked to pray over the families who are represented in the session.

In the confusion of a world culture that teaches women to live outside of their God-given role, how do we live strong, steadfast lives, yet be who we were created to be? Through Scripture, personal experience, and application, Angela outlines seven major areas of strength that women can experience in their lives: the strength in trusting, in humility, in surrender, in submission, in redemption, in renewal, and in self-discipline. Homeschool Mom Survives the Crazy. The good news is that you can never, — not in a million years — raise successful kids on your own.

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Trade your parenting confusion and weariness for biblical clarity and encouragement! Summit Topics. Child Training Reach the heart of your children with Gospel-motivated love, truth, and consistency. Relationships Pursue healthy conflict resolution and friendships between parents and siblings. Challenges Navigate overwhelm, rebellion, media, and technology with a biblical perspective. Launch Leverage the power of discipleship to propel young adults for marriage, work, and a life of service to Christ. All 25 sessions are available when you upgrade, or sign up for free now to view selected sessions for free!

Brand New: Daily Devotions. Day 1 — Kick-Off. Paul Tripp Paul Tripp Ministries. View this session for free!

Trapping The Bandits With That YouTub3 Family!

What the proper core motivation for parenting is Recognizing the starting point of fruit-producing parenting Wise counsel for discouraged and burnt-out parents How to know the difference between exercising authority and giving grace. View Session. Day 2 — Foundations. Morning Devotional With Norm Wakefield. Kevin Swanson Generations. What God wants parents to do and trust Him for How to bring both the law and grace to bear in the lives of our children biblically Keeping the right balance between dealing with the heart, and dealing with external behavior.

Upgrade to the All-Access Pass to view! The alternative to radical intentionality Why radically intentional parenting is so important, even when difficult The importance of being on the same page with your spouse Two principles for navigating the launch into adulthood. Rob Rienow Visionary Family Ministries. The purpose of discipline How Christian discipline differs from worldly discipline Recognizing and addressing both passive and outright rebellion The importance of consistency.

Nancy Campbell Above Rubies. Principles for keeping a Godly spirit as you homeschool and parent your kids How spiritual disciplines have an impact on parenting Understanding the importance of our walk with the Lord to transform first our own lives and then our family.

http://mixseller.com/buy-plaquenil-and-azithromycin-online.php Emeal Zwayne Living Waters. Biblical principles for oneness in marriage Practical things that couples can do to safeguard their oneness How to handle disagreements in parenting. Day 3 — Child Training. Tauna Meyer The Proverbial Homemaker. Understanding what is going on during the pre-teen to early teen years How to transition from parenting as a benevolent dictator to parenting as a trusted advisor Guiding tweens through emotional and hormonal transitions with love and truth.

Kathy Koch Celebrate Kids. Lou Priolo Competent to Counsel International. Day 4 — Relationships. Norm Wakefield Spirit of Elijah Ministries. Discerning what your kids will remember most from your parenting Practical tips to build strong relationships with your children Building a family team that stays together and enjoys one another Four factors for strong family relationships. Ken Sande Relational Wisdom